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Sales of flower processing machines and materials


We create a life where people feel flowers closer through machines (processing equipment), sleeves (flower bags), and supporting retailers.

Sleeve Media is enhancing its value as a communication platform between flowers and people.

■Flower Freshness Management
Proper management and handling are crucial in every stage of the flower distribution process. We offer products that contribute to maintaining the freshness and quality of flowers.



Flower processing machines, including Flora Optima, play a major role in manufacturing bouquets. We provide maintenance services to ensure safe and secure operation. In order to respond to sudden malfunctions during machine operation, we contribute to maintaining customer productivity by improving service quality and providing quick initial response.

Flower business


We have consolidated our flower business into Chacoball and Chacoplants, embodying three elements: “people-friendly, plant-friendly, and environment-friendly.'' We propose Chacoplants using adequate potting soil and Chacoball for easy use in indoor environments.

Noto factory


The Noto factory is a unique facility in the world specializing in sleeves (bags for fresh flowers). It is an integrated factory that plans and manufactures designs according to customers' product concepts, prints barcodes, and can handle small lots even with unique shapes. Additionally, to deliver all products from domestic and overseas sources in small lots, we have implemented an inventory management system to achieve precise picking. From order reception to delivery, we aim to further pursue small lots and short delivery times, with a minimum turnaround time of 1 day.



FlowerSupport - Flower materials online shopping site operated by Impack -


FlowerSupport is a flower materials online shopping site operated by Impack Corporation. It offers essential materials for florists and products with special prices.


Impack YouTube Channel


On our Impack YouTube channel, we provide product descriptions through videos, focusing primarily on Impack's machines such as fresh flower processing machines and cut flower distribution equipments."

Impack YouTube Channel