President’s message

A company contributing to society through flowers.

Established in 1936 and incorporated in 1968, we have continued our work while adapting to the changing times. For over 35 years, we have specialized in the floral industry, ranging from packaging material sales to the manufacturing and sales of sleeves for flower wrapping and related materials, and the planning and sales of machinery for processing cut flowers. Additionally, from the perspective of environmental protection and carbon neutrality, we are also promoting the manufacturing and sales of sleeves using biomass and paper materials.

The reason we actively engage in flower-related businesses is because we see it as our mission to create happy lives with smiles for many people through flowers. We encapsulate this aspiration in the phrase 'We are Flower People.'

Every day, our employees work towards the happiness of people who work in the floral industry, those involved with flowers in various ways, and those who seek fresh and beautiful flowers. Through the products and services we provide, we pursue the happiness of many consumers, contribute to the development of the floral industry, and aspire for society to become richer, safer, and more at peace through flowers.

We will continue to develop and provide products and services that respond to the changes in the times and the needs of our customers. Even amidst the changes in society and the times, we will continue to contribute to the happiness of many people and the development of society. If you have any questions regarding flower-related work, please feel free to reach out.

July 2023
President, Impack Co., Ltd.
Hekiro Morishige